Solechaser LLC “The SoleShoe Network” is an enterprise covering all things Sneaker-Related from buy/sell/trade conventions to online merchandising and charitable networking. With over 100k followers worldwide, SoleChasers has built a credible brand amongst the vast sneaker and fashion communities.

Solecon- an extremely unique and innovative Buy/Sell/ Trade Convention, where hundreds of independent Vendors, Artists and Musicians are given a stage to demonstrate and showcase specifically what it is they have to offer to a compatible and widely attracted audience. Entrepreneurs and Consumers of all ages have an incredible opportunity to network, shop, trade, promote and build their brands amongst thousands of like collectors, admirers, investors and celebrities.

Our Solecon conventions illuminate the emergent underground “Indie” market of music, fashion and of course... sneakers. Many of our vendors successfully market and return to Solecon. Several up and coming designers and distributors have developed successful businesses. At SoleCon, “Young Entrepreneurs” are born. Youngsters are introduced to “The Vendors Marketplace” and gain the knowledge of how to save up their own money; invest in a valued product; market that product and sell or trade that same product or for a profit.

At Solecon all will have the opportunity to gain brand exposure and take part in extreme raffles and games for prizes, vending, fashion showcases, community giveback programs, effective networking, promotions and live recordings intended for promotion worldwide.

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