Solechaser LLC “The SoleShoe Network” is an enterprise covering all things Sneaker-Related from buy/sell/trade conventions to online merchandising and charitable networking.

The Solechaser’s Team offers a very lucrative traveling sneaker event called Solecon. Solecon takes place for one day in a convention space anywhere from 10k sq.ft.- 25k sq. ft. Show locations are typically held on notable college campuses and city-centered, easily accessible venues. With over 100k followers, Solecon is the fastest growing Buy/Sell/Trade Sneaker Convention.

Solecon is a one day trade show event. At this event, vendors are given a rental space to showcase and sell merchandise, artists and musicians are given a stage to showcase their talent and sponsors are given a compatible and widely attracted audience to market and promote their product or brand. The Solechasers marketing and branding team executes promotions that attract thousands of like-minded collectors, admirers, investors and celebrities to the Solecon trade shows. Our Solecon conventions illuminate the emergent underground “Indie” market of music, fashion and of course... sneakers.

At SoleCon, “Young Entrepreneurs” are born. Youngsters are introduced to “The Vendors Marketplace” and gain the knowledge of how to save up their own money; invest in a valued product; market that product and sell or trade that same product or for a profit. Using Solecon’s platform as a foundation toward stardom, many up and coming clothing lines have successfully sustained presence in major department stores nationwide. Attendees are provided with a full day of entertainment and a sales market. Trade show participants, guests and attendees all have the opportunity to take part of extreme raffles and games for prizes, vending, fashion showcases, community giveback programs, effective networking, branding and live recordings intended for promotion worldwide.

The Solechasers team also manages a real time mobile application called The SoleChasers App and a versatile website ( The website receives 1000 hits per day. Social network outlets included, but not limited to an interactive blog site and IG presence. On the website and via social networking sties, we also offer an exclusive clothing line where all designs coordinate with sneaker releases in numerous color ways and an option to build your own design. This trademarked personalization is called Chase ID. Here one can first, individualize their own unique apparel, second create and finally have their finished product distributed by Solechasers.

Lastly, The Solechasers Team and The Kinard Foundation (two companies) have joined together to raise awareness and mobilize the Sneakers For Scholars program. Together these companies work with several elementary level schools to enhance interest in learning, gift and donate popular fashion items as incentive for academic achievement and raise awareness for the national initiative: Anti-Bullying.

Solechasers LLC “The SoleShoe Network” is an enterprise covering all things Sneaker-Related from buy/sell/trade conventions to online merchandising and charitable networking.